Sunday, 4 November 2012

Your Brand Identity Design Thinks You’re a “!@#$%^!” 

 If your brand identity design could talk…what would it say?  What would it say about both you and your company?  Some of us are thinking to ourselves that we’re very happy our brand identity design can’t actually talk.  A smaller percentage of us wonder what would actually be said.  Regardless of the side that you take with wanting your brand design to talk, there is a sobering truth that lingers.

 The Truth
The truth is… your brand identity design does talk. How we present our brands tell a lot about us.  This is consistent with many things in our lives…how we dress, the car we drive, the words we use, etc., all tell a little bit about who we are.  This goes the same for how you present your brand.

 Write the Script
Determine what you want your brand identity design to say.  Certain colours, textures, fonts, and shapes all communicate different messages. Being unique and creative is essential and will help your brand design to speak loud and clear.

Great brands understand that every detail matters.  If you want to be regarded as a top brand, your identity design should be as innovative as the brand itself. Doing this gains confidence with the consumer that attention has been given to every detail, even the brand design. Do consumers notice this?  Absolutely!

 Your Brand Identity Design is talking…did you tell it what to say or is it telling everyone that you are a !@#$%^!

 If you would like more information about ways to create brand identity designs that speak a clear message, please feel free to contact me.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Welcome To My Blog

Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Jide Akinlabi. I am a graphic, logo and brand identity designer. On this blog, you will find tips, articles and resources on graphic design, print design, logo design, branding, typography, advertising & lots more. 

I am a freelance graphic designer, who specializes in the area of brand identity (logo) design, print design and branding. I design and co-ordinate marketing promotion activities for businesses such as logos, business cards, letterhead, packaging and lots more. I am passionate about creating effective visual communications. I create thoughtful, inspiring, creative and effective logos and identity programs that give companies and businesses the means to flourish. My design philosophy: Simple, Creative and Effective Designs. I create simple, unique and easy to understand designs ideas. The logos and designs should be EASY TO REMEMBER and HARD TO FORGET. I hold a B.Sc in Mass Communication (Marketing Communications Major) from Bowen University, Osun State. Due to my love for fine art, graphics and animation which I had nurtured and guarded religiously from childhood, I decided to venture into the field of graphic design and visual communications about six years ago and I have not stopped loving it... I love design, and I look out for it in everything I do and everywhere I go. I find myself applying it into every aspect of my existence. I breathe, eat, drink and sleep design. I absolutely love it. It is my forte. Asides design, I also love listening to good quality music, I love watching and playing soccer and I love watching movies. 

Jide Akinlabi launched as a brand on July 1, 2012 as my graphic design business and also as a graphic design blog. The blog focuses on all areas of creativity and design such as; graphic design, logo design, advertising, branding, typography, designers, blogging, resources, my work, color scheming, marketing, social media, user experience and many more. 

I just finished designing and launching my logo which I will be featured on this blog very soon. I will write about how I got the inspiration for the logo and the process I followed in designing it. I am also currently writing a research work on the Nature and Impact of Visual Communication in Advertising, which is a requirement for the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) Professional Diploma in Advertising. 

 You can find and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Adloops and Google+. I can't wait to get your comments, advise, tips, criticisms, suggestions and hellos.

The New Oyo State Logo

Oyo State of Nigeria has unveiled a new official logo through which the state would henceforth be identified. The logo symbolizes a state of many firsts and landmarks of intellectualism and development.

 It has a shield, which represents the corporate amour for law enforcement and protection of the state, the Cocoa House and the University of Ibadan, the galaxy of stars on the logo represents the 33 local councils of the state and the green fields, with a harvest of agricultural produce, while the last symbol stands for the arable landmass of the state.
Other features are a talking drum and beaded gourd, which celebrates the deep traditional root and rich cultural heritage of the state. The logo is a reflection of the cultural heritage of the state.